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Air Terminal

Air Terminal

Selection of ESE air terminal should be made considering protection radius desired & risk of lightning strike i.e., level of protection.

    Positioning of ESE air terminal should be done considering:

  • Minimum 2m above the highest point of structure including aerials, air conditioning towers, tanks, dome, parapet, etc.
  • Architectural view.
  • For protecting open areas like sports field, golf courses, swimming pools, campsites, etc. ESE should be installed over specific places such as lighting masts, poles or any other nearby structure that allows it to cover the whole area.

For buildings higher then 60m or any other point more than 120m, protection against lateral lightning strike should be considered. For such buildings, top 20% height of the structure should be protected by installing ESE air terminal at each wall. ESE on each such wall should be considered having radius of protection ≥20% height of the building. Also, minimum 4 down conductors interconnected by a ring conductor along the perimeter should be used & earthed for such high rise buildings.

Protection of buildings requiring level of protectionI + additional measures

For higher degree of protection more than Level I, apart from using ESE air terminal based on Level I, all metal parts & reinforced bars of buildings used as down conductors should be connected to ESE / down conductor at roof level & ground level. Also, ring conductors may be used at roof level & ground level. For buildings, where lightning strike occurs more often, protection radius of ESE air terminal shall be considered as 40% lesser than tested considering additional safety factor.