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Lightning Conductor

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Lightning Conductor

We at Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd. are one of the well-esteemed lightning conductor manufacturers offering excellent performing lightning conductors in India. Lightning conductors are essential to offer protection from the lightning strikes and that is why they are mounted on the top of the structures, industries, or buildings. We manufacture lightning conductors that help in offering a safe and reliable path for diverting the electrical charge into the ground in a safe manner to protect building and other structures from getting damaged.

We are working with knowledgeable and skilled industrial experts who help us produce highly reliable lightning conductors for our customers. We do thorough research before manufacturing these conductors to ensure that we equip them with all the required features that helps in the safe dissipation of lightning strike.

We at Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd. use highly conductive material for the fabrication of these lightning conductors, including aluminium and copper. Being one of the eminent lightning conductor manufacturers in India, we offer both lightning conductor rods and lightning conductor strips for our customers. They both can be mounted with ease on the buildings and structures for offering them complete protection. The lightning rods and strips are well coated to offer resistivity to them from the corrosion, as they are used in different types of environment.

Being an ISO certified brand, we at Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd. are known for offering premium range of lightning conductors to all our customers. The quality and the durability of our lightning rods make us deliver them with warranty. We are one of the bulk lightning conductor manufacturers in India capable of fulfilling large needs of lightning conductor rods with ease. At present, we are supplying these conductors to different cities of India for multiple facilities. Our lightning rods and strips are installed at industrial facilities, residential & commercial buildings, airports, sports arenas, historical sites, government buildings, and multiple other places to keep them safe from the lightning strikes.

We also offer customization in these lightning conductors according to the type of soils where they will be installed or according to the requirements shared by our customers. All our lightning conductors can easily withstand extreme weather condition and can work efficiently multiple times when it comes to dissipating lightning strike. In order to produce highly reliable lightning conductors, we manufacture them by adhering to all the regulatory and industrial standards. At Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd. all the lightning rods and strips get tested for quality and performance before they are delivered to customers. We have experts available to assist one in choosing the right lightning conductor at best market prices in India.

Sabo Systems is a leading Lightning Conductor Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Lightning is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena to see & most disastrous one to experience. discharge may carry current up to hundreds of kiloamperes (KA). It may cause damage to human life, structure, electrical as well as electronic equipments. It may also cause fire & disrupt working operations of any industry. It’s been an electronic era and our dependence on electronics has been increased. One lightning strike can destroy partially / completely all equipments installed in any establishment. Hence, protection from such natural disasters from lightning strike is essential.

    Lightning Protection System has four basic objectives:

  • To capture lightning strike.
  • Safely routing the lightning discharge current to ground.
  • Provide efficient earthing / grounding path for dissipation of lightning current.
  • Remove secondary effects of lightning like over voltages / surges.

Lightninging Formation

In normal conditions, atmospheric charges are balanced, but cloud formation creates charge polarization. In such case, normally lower part of cloud gets negatively charged, inducing the positive charge at the ground or other elements on ground. Electric field at the atmosphere can reach in kilovolts(KV). Positive charges are more evident at pointed and metallic objects or well earthed objects & trees. When electric field becomes high then cloud starts discharging towards ground, which results in downward leader. Similarly, metallic parts / structure where positive charges are present, starts moving upwards forming an upward leader. These upward and downward leader when meet may result in lightning discharge to ground. Such high charged metallic part may struck by lightning. This discharge moves down to earth through most direct path. Hence, if this path is not controlled then disasters may happen. However, lightning discharges can be both positive and negative.


  • Thermal Effect – Excessive energy in lightning discharge may cause fire.
  • Electrodynamic Effect – Damage to structure.
  • Electrical Effect – Equipment may damage. Due to increase in ground potential, surge currents may damage equipments connected to electrical network.
  • Inductive Effects – Due to electromagnetic field, currents may couple to all conductors & may damage equipments connected to its.
  • Effects on living beings – Electrocution, burns or even loss of life & may lead to cardiac arrest also.

Damage due to lightning may be high in terms of loss of life, fire, equipments failure, loss of time, & production. Hence, protection from direct lightning strike is must.

Standard for ESE Lightning Protection System

Our Lightning Protection System is designed as per NFC 17-102, UNE 21186 & other national standards. Above standards consider Lightning Protection System in following cases:

  • Important monuments / archaeological buildings.
  • Structures occupied by large number of people.
  • Equipments / machines used for production / working system / hospitals etc.
  • High rise buildings.
  • Isolated structures.
  • Areas with high lightning density.
  • Buildings containing flammable material / explosives.
  • Buildings / structures which comes under risk index as per standards.

Procedure for risk analysis is also described in above standard & should be followed in selecting & design of Lightning Protection system. Risk assessment determines the need of lightning protection system & degree of security / level of protection required.
Level of protection / risk analysis: NFC 17-102 standards have mentioned 4 levels of protection based on risk of lightning strike on a particular structure as Level I, Level II, Level III & Level IV

Efficiency Level of Protec
> 0.98 Level I + Addi
> 0.95 & ≤ 0.98 Level I
> 0.90 & ≤ 0.95 Level II
> 0.80 & ≤ 0.90 Level III
≤ 0.80 Level IV

Accessing the risk of Lightning Protection System is based on lot of factors, however, it is recommended to opt Level I protection level.