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Surge protection device

Surge Protection Device

Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd is a highly authorized Surge protection device supplier in India. Boasting unparalleled authorization and expertise in the domain, we deliver secure and advanced engineered solutions for lightning protection.

Our commitment transcends conventional boundaries in the discipline and praises ourselves for delivering cutting-edge and neutral phenomenon protective solutions engineered to perfection. With a focus on our people's safety, we introduce the world with high-safety tools to protect diverse systems belonging to different industries.

Whether it is industrial facilities or commercial complexes, our intuitive technology provides comprehensive protection against the unpredictable forces of nature.

About Our Surge Protection Device

As trailblazers in surge protection device manufacturing, we set a benchmark for quality and performance in the realm of surge protection and earn clients’ trust across the nation.

Sabo Systems designs a surge protection device to protect equipment from voltage spikes and transient surges. Our device works as a barrier and diverts excess voltage away from sensitive devices, such as computers, televisions, industrial machinery, and other electronic equipment.

Our device purposefully prevents damage from sudden increases in electrical voltage or lightning strikes. The results go to power grid fluctuations, internal factors, and other switching operations. Purposefully commanded to limit the voltage, this ingenious tool reaches connected devices to a safe level and helps prevent costly downtime, repairs, and data loss.

Our SPDs are widely used in several industries such as residential, commercial, and industrial settings to protect a wide range of equipment from potential damage. They come in various forms, including plug strips, power strips, panel-mounted devices, and whole-house surge protectors, offering flexibility in application to suit different needs and environments. Overall, surge protection devices play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, longevity, and safety of electrical systems and equipment.

Benefits of Installing Our Surge Protection Device
  • Prevents damage from voltage surges
  • Reduces the risk of costly damage and repairs
  • Protect against data loss and disruption
  • Preserves the life of electrical devices
  • Supply uninterrupted operation of complex systems
  • Protects from the potential hazards of electrical fires
Components and Features Of Surge Protection Devices

At Sabo Systems, our SDPs are constructed using various materials and components chosen for their excellent electrical properties. These include metal oxide varistors (MOVs), Gas discharge tubes (GDTs), Ceramic capacitors, enclosures, wiring, and terminals. All these components work accordingly. Thus, their advanced features provide additional protection from excess voltage, filter, stabilize electrical signals, and enclosures provide physical protection for the internal components.

Our Production Process

In the production process of our product, we take several steps including design, and planning to create the product specifications considering voltage rating, current capacity, environmental conditions, selection of basic components, assembling each part, and finally going for testing to ensure each device meets performance standards and specifications includes testing for voltage clamping, response time, and endurance and guarantee to receive the highest industrial standard at international norms.

Go With Sabo Systems for a surge protection device and ensure optimal protection for your valuable equipment. With rigorous testing and strict quality control measures in our hand place, you can rely on the durability and effectiveness of our products.