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Readymade Earthig Kit

Readymade Earthig Kit

Specification :

  • Robust packing consist of :
  • 17.2mm 4’ long copper bonded rod-SCBR17204
  • Skg backfill compound
  • Clamp for connecting rod to strip / cable
  • Maintenance free earthing solution
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for all type of soil / terrains and climatic conditions.

Application :

  • Equipment body earth
  • Domestic earthing & Solar panel earthing
  • Suitable for load upto SKVA, for larger capacity loads, multiple earthing should be done in parallel

Installation procedure :

  • Dig a bore of 100-150mm dia & 1.2m deep
  • Pour 5 litres of water inside the kit & 20 litres of water in soil surrounding the kit.(for rocky soil this step is not required).
  • Make paste of 2 kg compound after mixing 5 litres of water. Mixing of compound with water should be made thoroughly by hand or stick till it take form of homogenous paste or say till 5 minutes.
  • Now pour this paste inside the pit.
  • Insert electrode / rod at the centre of pit & hammer it so that some part should move inside the ground & electrode gets grip.
  • Now fill the hole with the remaining compound paste after mixing with water in the same procedure.
  • Connect equipment and earthing through wire / cable / strip / clamp fitted at the top of the electrode.