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Piezoelectric Advanced Lightning Arrester

Piezoelectric Advanced Lightning Arrester

Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd is the number one Piezoelectric advanced lightning arrester supplier in India. It provides cutting-edge Piezoelectric advanced lightning arresters that provide defense against intense lighting strikes in diverse industries. With steadfast engagement for safety, we offer premium solutions to protect your assets from the fatal effects of lightning strikes.

Sabo Systems has been in the industry for many years with expertise in this field. The company designs this high-order equipment that meets the evolving demands of modern infrastructure and safeguards grand structures from the damaging effects of lightning strikes.

About Our Piezoelectric advanced Lightning Arrester

Sabo Systems Piezoelectric advanced lightning arresters are equipped with advanced technology to provide unparalleled protection against lightning-induced surges. Unlike traditional surge protection devices, these arresters utilize piezoelectric materials to quickly dissipate uncommon electrical energy and keep away from sensitive equipment and structures. They are particularly beneficial in high-risk energy strike environments where traditional lightning protection methods may be insufficient.

By responding fast and efficiently in surge protection, these advanced arresters help prevent damage to electrical systems, and ensure the safety of occupants and assets. With their superior performance and results, our arresters are increased in demand and serve various applications across industries, such as oil and gas facilities, ports, railways, airports, and other transportation infrastructure, data centers, hospitals, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, military installations, commercial and residential buildings, renewable energy facilities and several residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Benefits of Installing Our Piezoelectric Advanced Lightning Arrester

  • Rapid dissipation of electrical energy from lightning strikes
  • Mitigate the risk of electrical fires, equipment failures from lighting surge
  • Improve the safety of the structure, assets, and employees
  • Minimal maintenance requirement over the lifespan
  • Long-life effectiveness in harsh environmental conditions

Moreover, our piezoelectric advanced lightning arresters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with high surge current handling capabilities. Their compact design, lightweight structure, and easy installation make them suitable for various applications and settings.

Component and Properties of Our Product

At Sabo Systems, our lightning arresters are manufactured using high-quality piezoelectric materials. These materials typically include ceramics such as lead zirconate titanate (PZT) or similar compositions that offer excellent piezoelectric coefficients and help in the efficient conversion of mechanical stress into electrical energy. Apart from that they are incorporated with robust housing polymers or metals, which ensure durability and protection against environmental factors. Besides all, line-up with technological advancement and continual improvement, we uncover the most intuitive device that provides optimal performance in the face of ever-changing lightning threats.

Why Choose Us?

Sabo Systems is the leading organization dealing with Piezoelectric advanced lightning arresters. In our manufacturing process, we implement a rigorous quality-checking process to meet the global standards of electrical component production. This process involves multiple stages of inspection and testing including material Inspection, Component Assembly, Electrical Testing under simulated lightning conditions, vibration, impact resistance tests, environmental stress tests, and final evaluation before shipment.

Choose Sabo Systems’ Piezoelectric advanced lightning arrester to let the threat of lightning strike away and make insurance of the safety and security of your assets.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SABOCONLA
  • Production Capacity: 1000 PER WEEK
  • Customizable as per customers choice
  • Packaging Details: Carton box 1100*200*200mm
Lighting Protection Material Copper-Clad Steel
Arrester Type Conventional
Usage/Application Direct lightning strike
Color Copper
Air Rod Height 1000mm or as per requirement
Brand SABO
Suitable For Building lightning protection, tower, high mast
Country of Origin Made in India