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DC power from the PV array is converted into usable AC power via an on-grid inverter. Batteries can also be used to store excess power in hybrid inverters. To make up for shaky or nonexistent grids, hybrid inverters are becoming more and more necessary in poor countries.
Each of Invergy’s hybrid inverters features a 48V battery and a single-phase or three-phase model. Since the solar energy storage system is safer and more reliable than a high-voltage battery system, we conclude that it is the better option.
Several hardware components make up the Grid-Interactive Inverter (GII). Electricity from power plants is monitored and controlled by the Grid-interactive inverter.

The system is also responsible for shutting down the plants when they are producing too much power. It makes certain that power is delivered when it is most needed, when demand is highest. By adjusting the supply of electricity to the systems that need it most, the inverter prevents blackouts when the surplus power is cut off. Using a grid-interactive inverter, the direct power supply from the main power plants can be switched to a Grid to Grid link. Hybrid inverter maker Invergy provides solutions and services.

Low Voltage Hybrid Inverters

INV EU 3/3.6/5/6/8 – 24V/48V – 1P

INV (EU) 8.0Kw / 10.0Kw / 12.0Kw – 48V – 3P

High Voltage Hybrid Inverters

INV (EU)-20/25/30/40/50K (HV)