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Lightning Protection as per IEC 62305

Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Lightning protection manufacturers in India. Being a frontrunner in the industry, we deliver lightning protection as per IEC 62305, NFC 17-102 standard product for safeguarding the property and lives from destructive forces of lightning. Both IEC and NFC are standard principles for lightning protection systems. IEC 62305 stands for international standards and NFC 17-102 addresses French standards for lightning protection.

With the certification of global standard guidelines, we at Sabo Systems proudly stand as a hope of reliability in the industry. With both standards, we guarantee to deliver to our customers the safety and resilience of structures against the impact of lightning strikes.

About our Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection is a specialized tool that mitigates the impact of lightning strikes on structures and their occupants. Sabo Systems is certified lightning protection as per IEC 62305, NFC 17-102. We design the most innovative and engineered tool that safely conducts lightning currents to the ground and prevents damage that may be caused by electrical surges. Our lightning protection systems consist of several components including lightning rods, conductors, and grounding systems that are strategically installed on buildings for safety purposes.

By providing a controlled path for lightning, our systems minimize the risk of fire, structural damage, and electrical disruptions. Thus, our lightning protection prevents people, property, and critical infrastructure, from unpredictable lightning strikes.

Features of our Lightning Protection

At Sabo Systems, we produce this intelligent tool in compliance with standards (e.g., IEC 62305, NFC 17-102) which is an international safety guideline. Every component of this device systematically works together for the effective dissipation of electrical energy. The features of our product include sturdy structure, potential risk assessment, professional installation, and consideration of ecological impact. The excellent lighting strike capturing and channeling the current to the ground ensures the product's efficacy and reliability.

    Benefits Of Installing Our Lightning Protection

  • Protect equipment and appliance damage from lightning surges
  • Reduces the future injuries and fatalities of lightning strikes
  • Preventing disruptions to operations and services
  • Save organizations from potential insurance premiums through excellent risk management
  • Protects valuable assets from lightning-related damage

Moreover, our lighting solution provides owners with a sense of security and peace of mind to tackle thunderstorms. Besides all, it prevents costly repairs and replacements by investing in proactive lightning protection measures.

Reasons to Choose Sabo Systems

Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd has served the industry for years and gained expertise in the domain. Our every project is handled by talented professionals. Adopting the latest advancements, we make sure our lightning protection systems revolutionize conventional methods and provide a robust shield against lightning-induced risks. Apart from that, the certification of IEC 62305, NFC 17-102 ensures our product has the highest quality.

Trust Sabo Systems Pvt. Ltd and improve the safety of your organization with our cutting-edge lightning protection solutions. Explore our range and experience the pinnacle of safety and secure your assets effectively from lightning hazards.