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Protection System

Protection System

The basic principle for surge protection is the complexity and coordination of devices. The complexity requirement can be met only byinstalling surge arresters in all inputs and outputs of the given equipment, i.e. it is necessary to protect the power supply line and also the measuring and communication interface. We can ensure coordination by installing devices with various protective effects in sequence into the line or the communication core and the interface. Criteria to meet the requirement for complexity and coordination particularly include position of installation respective to LPZ boundary, maximum impulse or discharge current, required protection level and response time. In order to select the correct type of dataline protection there must be detailed information about the protected signal:a) Signal voltageb) Signal currentc) Frequency bandwidth – frequency and signal formd) Conduit in lightning protection zones

(LPZ 0 to LPZ 2)e) Longitudinal impedance – maximum line attenuationf) Possibility of steady overvoltage (so called high-ohm fault)

During the installation of all surge devices, strictly observe the elimination of the link between the input of the unprotected line and the output of the protected line and the earthing line. Potential balancing of pulse overvoltage must always proceed outside the protected equipment. Potential balancing via the protected equipment is inadmissible.

The principle of placing the dataline protections For easier placing of dataline protections SALTEK introduced a new type of categorization of dataline protections under SALTEK marking ST 1, ST 2 and ST 3. This new designation quite specifically definethe placing of dataline protections within the principles of Zonal protection and complies with standards EN 61643-21 A1 , A2 and EN 62305 - Zonal protection.